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posted July 1, 2024

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The General Manager has complete responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the entire hotel, orchestrating the activities of every department and the contributions of each team member, to manage all aspects into a unique combination that will provide a tremendous experience for every guest and team member.


  • Administrative
  • FSLA Status

  • Exempt
  • Supervisory Responsibilities

    • Recruits, interviews, hires, and trains new hotel staff
    • Oversees the daily operations and staffing of the hotel
    • Provides constructive and timely performance evaluations
    • Handles discipline and termination of employees in accordance with hotel policy


    • Ensures that hotel meets and exceeds all quality and service goals through effective leadership of the team and proactive programs. Sets the example for team member behavior and cultivates and maintains a highly positive workplace culture. 
    • Maintains an active quality and service superiority plan for all departments, actively utilizing tools like Quore to handle requests and service recovery so that no guest leaves dissatisfied. Empowers all team members to solve guest issues on the spot. Leads the Brighthearted Committee to isolate service issues and adapt procedures to prevent them.
    • Personally, responds within 24 hours to any customer complaint or Guest Assistance issue. There must never be an Intervention Fee from the Brand. Ensures that all comments posted on third-party sites are responded to within 24 hours with a personalized response.
    • Manage the hotel to produce the budgeted profitability goals, flowing revenue overages, and flexing expenses to make up revenue shortfalls. Uses tools to forecast revenues and expenses beginning prior to the first of each month and updating weekly. Involve all departments in the process.
    • Ensures that labor expenses are within budget and meet established productivity standards. Reviews labor tracking and reporting each morning.
    • Reviews financial statement as soon as the draft is received. Prepares variance report and participate in the monthly financial review.
    • Produces preliminary budget for the following year by November 1st. Involves all departments in this process. Present in Annul Budget Review with above property management.
    • Oversees an aggressive sales and marketing effort through a detailed Marketing Plan to be presented by October 15th and reviewed monthly.
    • Actively monitors and coaches the Sales Team and their activities. Engages all hotel team members in actively selling through lead generation and outreach.
    • Carefully monitors the Hotel’s Recruitment Program. Performs the final interview of approved candidates by department leaders. 
    • Ensures that all hired team members receive a complete orientation before starting work, sign for an updated employee manual, and receive all required training at the appropriate points in their work journey at the Hotel.
    • Makes safety and security a top priority. Is completely trained in competent in all emergency procedures and be ready to take charge in an emergency. Is constantly aware of potential security threats and models If You See Something, Say Something by notifying the Manager on Duty or any other Manager. Complete knowledge of fire panel functions and location of gas and water shut offs. Follows all OSHA/HAZCOM procedures.
    • Is alert to hazards anywhere observed in the hotel and take personal responsibility to ensure they are corrected. 
    • Completely knowledgeable in all roles and tasks in the hotel. Can literally do any job with proficiency. 
    • Can check guests out at the Reception Desk in a friendly, professional, and efficient manner, processing payments and printing receipts as necessary. Make sure to inquire about the guest’s stay and move to rectify any issues. Make sure checkouts are recorded in Quore immediately. Also can checks guests into the hotel using hotel protocols including guests with reservations, guests who claim to have a reservation, and guests without reservations (walk-in customers).
    • Review all notes and pass down logs in Quore each day, noting actions which need to be taken.
    • Conduct a hybrid weekly staff meeting each week, including all department heads and above property leadership remotely, sending a substantive agenda in advance to participants. Conduct a daily standup with department heads at the optimal time.
    • Transmit the Weekly GM Report to above property leadership by 5 p.m. each Thursday, including prescribed forms, reports, staff meeting and other departmental meeting minutes. 
    • Participates in revenue management calls each week, monitoring group blocks and dates. 
    • Ensures that all Human Resource functions are carried out by the Hotel Culture and Development Director. Ensures that any shuttles or vehicles operated by the hotel has meticulous tracking, preventive maintenance checklists, and daily operation checklists. 
    • Ensures that the hotel’s maintenance team has an aggressive preventive maintenance program and work order system maintained in Quore. Makes it a high priority to return any out of order rooms to inventory as soon as possible. 
    • Ensures that Housekeeping executes a consistent and aggressive deep cleaning schedule documented in Quore where each room in the hotel is deep cleaned once each quarter. 
    • Sets the example by actively greets and welcomes guests regularly. Recognized Team Members for their hard work in engaging guests and coaches when opportunities present themselves. 
    • The GM should be present at periods of peak business activity, including special events. Unscheduled visits to the property at off times such as nights and weekends should be a part of the GM’s routine. 
    • Must be proficient in all Reception, Night Audit, Housekeeping, and Food and Beverage systems in order to be able to help anytime business conditions warrant.
    • Responds to all emails and phone messages by the close of business each day or by first thing the next morning. 
    • Conducts a GM building walk at least twice daily, inspecting facilities to ensure compliance with applicable hotel and brand standards and policies. Ensure that meeting facilities are properly set according to the meeting schedule, greeting the head of each group perosnally where possible. 
    • Ensures maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner, utilizing the Quore program. Ensure that all requests and complaints are responded to within 15 minutes. Intervene when time limits are exceeded, and situations are escalated. 
    • Develops cash control procedures and ensures accounting and reporting are accurate. Ensures that all cash funds are always accounted for. Makes sure that all guest accounts always have an acceptable and approved form of payment. Ensures that credit cards are processed and transmitted each night.
    • Ensures that proper accounts receivable controls are in place, including account application and monitoring, daily invoicing, monthly statements, and collection activities. Ensure that an aging report is transmitted to the Director of Operations on a weekly basis, with updates on all accounts over 30 days.
    • Manages the General Manager’s Credit Card and Petty Cash accounts, maintaining receipts for all charges, and requesting reimbursement when the account drops below the prescribed limit.
    • Ensures that team member punches are verified and corrected daily. Ensures payroll is completed on the designated day.
    • Makes sure that the deposit is prepared first thing each morning. deposits are made on a daily basis, scanning validated deposit slips into M3.
    • Verifies daily that the Daily Report was rolled by the Income Auditor and that flash data is available on Insight by 8 a.m. ET. Review reports from the previous night, checking stats, rates, shortages/overages, credit card, and food and beverage operations. 
    • Ensures that a proper purchasing process is in effect, including annual bidding by Department Leaders, requestioning, purchase orders, receiving documentation, coding, entry into accounts payable, and payment according to terms. GM is to sign off on all invoices before they are posted by the Income Auditor. 
    • Ensures that all Brand standards are adhered to, and that the hotel is prepared for Quality Assurance Inspection at any time. Conducts regular training and testing on brand standards.
    • Knows Hilton Garden Inn brand standards intimately and keeps up with all changes. Shares these standards and changes with staff at every opportunity.
    • Maintains highest standards of physical appearance on the property through daily and weekly personal inspections of exterior, public space, back of the house, offices, food and beverage, and guest rooms. Inspects at least 10 rooms per week, recording all inspections in Quote and making sure that each room is inspected at least once per quarter.
    • Ensures that the Reception staff is well led, and well trained in all reservations, arrival, upselling, departure, cashiering, and service procedures. Ensure that the phone is high priority answered within 3 rings 90% of the time. Ensure that system is in place to roll calls over to back office phones is ring time exceeds 3 rings.
    • Monitors sell out situation procedures to maximize sales.
    • Ensures that proper procedures, policies, and systems are in place to deliver budgeted profitability in all food and beverage outlets, The Library, and The Shop. Review all menu, recipes, and pricing changes. 
    • Ensures that all cleanliness and health standards are maintained at all times. Ensure that all operations are ready for all health inspections, insisting on 100 percent scores. All food handling and storage techniques must always meet local health and brand standards. All food and food products must be dated and labeled.
    • Stays completely up to date on rules and regulations regarding Hotel’s liquor license and ensures that staff is sully trained on all rules as well.   
    • Monitors all food and beverage marketing programs, social media, and third party review sites to ensure that outlets meet and exceed budgeted profitability. 
    • Always ensures availability an notifies Management Company and Director of Operations if there will be an absence from work.
    • Ensures that each and every team member is ready for any emergency and knows the role that he or she plays. 
    • Maintains strict security controls, including key control, inventory security, and guest security. 
    • Ensures that all fire alarm, sprinkler, and Ansul systems are inspected as required with complete documentation maintained. 
    • Ensures that a proactive and effective loss control program is in place, including secure storage, monthly inventories of linen, guest supplies, storage rooms, tools, The Shop, and food and beverage.  Track linen shrinkage and tie low numbers to team performance incentives.
    • Ensures that an effective lost and found program is maintained and tracked in Quore.
    • Encourage innovation ideas and suggestions from team members for how to make the operation better. Reward the winning ones.
    • Ensures that any accidents (guest or team member) or security incidents are completely documented on the proper reports and forwarded to the proper agent and to above property leadership within 24 hours of the incident or accident. 
    • Notify above property leadership immediately on notification on any issues that arise, including subpoenas, legal notices, lawsuits, EEOC notices, brand inspections, etc.
    • Submits weekly report to above property Leadership and participate in Friday call.
    • Maintains regular attendance in compliance with the hotel’s standards, as required by scheduling which will vary according to the needs of the hotel. Is at hotel at all key times and pops in unexpectedly at least a couple of times a month. 
    • Ensures all hotel personnel are in proper uniform, including a name tag. Models this behavior at all times by maintaining a professional demeanor in appearance and wardrobe. 
    • Performs other related duties as assigned.

    Required Skills/Abilities

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
    • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Strong supervisory and leadership skills.
    • Extensive knowledge of hotel and hospitality industry.
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
    • Must be available by cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    Education and Experience

  • One or more years of managerial experience in the hotel industry required.
  • Physical Requirements

    • Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
    • Must be able to lift and carry up to 15 pounds at a time.

    Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change, or new ones may be assigned at any time with or without notice.

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