Housekeeping / Room Attendant

posted June 18, 2024

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The Room Attendant is responsible one of the most important tasks in the hotel: ensuring that each guest experiences clean accommodations and facilities, making sure that all traces of previous guests are removed, and that everything is working.


  • Housekeeping
  • FSLA Status

  • Non-Exempt
  • Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None
  • Duties/Responsibilities

    • Contributes to the departmental and property monthly goals for guest satisfaction scores by doing the job right the first time and giving exemplary service that goes above and beyond guest expectations. This is Job One for all team members. 
    • Attends Housekeeping Morning Huddle and reviews assigned rooms. Proceeds to floor and checks cart for appropriate items, tools, linen, and terry. 
    • Follows all safety protocols, including care of safety beacons and OSHA/HAZCOM procedures. Uses proper chemicals according to OSHA Safety and Health Management System guidelines.
    • Maintains proper cart placement while cleaning rooms, awareness of surroundings, and maintaining safe keeping of master keys and guestroom key cards. Is completely trained in competent in all emergency procedures and be ready to take charge in an emergency. Is constantly aware of potential security threats and If You See Something, Say Something by notifying the Manager on Duty or any other Manager.
    • Be alert to hazards anywhere observed in the hotel and take personal responsibility to ensure they are corrected. 
    • Proceeds to first check-out room. Accesses rooms that do not have Do Not Disturb signs by knocking twice and saying “Housekeeping” loudly enough to be heard. If no answer, open door slowly and say “Housekeeping” again.
    • Positions cart across the entrance for security purposes. If guest returns, move your cart, close the door, and ask them to use their key. If they don't have a key, they should go to the front desk.
    • Closes and drapes/sheers. Makes sure they fit, work properly, clean, and not damaged. Leaves them set to hotel standards. 
    • Turns on all lights. Plugs any lamps into correct outlets. Sets switches properly. Replace burned out light bulbs with specified light bulbs. Cleans lampshades with dry cloth and straightens. Reports any damaged shades via Quore. 
    • Empties trash and removes any used guest amenities. Empties trash and ashtrays. Removes items or trash from underneath beds and furniture, between bed and nightstand, between mattresses and box springs, behind bathroom door, in shower/tub, in closet, in drawers, in microwave or refrigerator. 
    • If any items are left behind in a check out room, enters the item into Quore and asks Housekeeping Manager on Duty to take the item to Lost and Found. 
    • Removes towels and washcloths. Removes all bedding. Does not place bedding that is not being laundered on floor. Separate terry and linen that is ripped, stained, frayed, thin, torn, stained, or rough and put in Special Treatment Bag. Places any guest items neatly on nightstand. Place dirty linen in appropriate cart for transfer to Laundry.
    • Checks mattress pad. Replaces if worn, stained, ripped, or torn. Checks mattress and box spring condition. Reports any with stains, damage, or crushed sides. Makes sure no debris under bed. Check carefully for hair, throwing any found away on toilet. 
    • Checks pillows. If lumpy, flat, stained, or unable to spring back when folded in half, report in Quore for replacement. 
    • Checks and clean walls and ceiling, dusting with telescoping duster. Report any holes, damage, peeling, chips, or mold/mildew via Quore. Clean any marks with Magic Eraser or wet sponge. 
    • Dusts all furniture with clean cloth, removing dust from under bed, between bed and nightstands, and between bed and wall. Cleans under cushions and wipes cushions with cloths. Spot clean stains. Reports more serious stains via Quore. Makes sure proper furniture in place. Ensures drawers open and close properly. Reports any furniture issues, including damage, stains, burn marks, peeling, damaged hardware, and scratches. 
    • Checks TV and remotes, turning on TV, and replacing batteries if remote doesn’t work. Changes channel 3-5 times, checking for good picture. If issues with remote or TV, reports the problem via Quore. 
    • Turns on Air Conditioner via thermostat. Return to guest-chosen temperature for stayovers and to hotel standard for check-outs. Reports any issues like noises, rattles, mold, debris, missing knobs, damp carpet, via Quore. Dust and wipe AC with cloth. 
    • Empties and sanitizes all trash containers.
    • Straightens room, straightening and clean nightstand items, cleaning ice buckets and placing in specified location. Cleans coffee maker, arranging with supplies on specified tray in proper location. Replaces any worn, damaged, or stained materials. Cleans microwave and refrigerator with appropriate cleaner. 
    • Cleans and arranges closet area. Drains water from iron, Winds appliance cords neatly. Places ironing board in proper location, reporting any tears, stains, or rips via Quore. Straightens hangers and verifies appropriate count is present. Replaces laundry bag and slip if missing. 
    • Makes bed, using sheets that fit. Checks carefully for hair and disposes on cart. Straightens bed skirts to 1 inch above flooring with no white lining showing. Report any issues via Quore. Straightens or positions mattress pad. Puts fitted sheet on, hem down, pulls tight, smoothing out wrinkles. Puts flat sheet on, hem down, pulling tight and smoothing out wrinkles. Puts blanket on, pull up to top of flat sheet, then smooths out wrinkles. Tucks top sheet and blanket between mattress and box spring. Performs hospital tuck on corners. Fold back sheet and blanket and tucks between mattress and box spring on both sides. Puts pillowcases on with tag down, tucks in ends smooths our wrinkles, and puts standard numbers of pillows on bed. 
    • Puts comforter on and pulls up to headboard, hanging down even amount on both sides. Fold comforter back and smooth out wrinkles. Checks carefully for hair and disposes on cart.
    • Cleans and disinfects bathrooms and wet bar areas. Cleans bathroom in this order: vanity/counter, sink/faucet, mirror, shower/tub, faucet, shower curtain, toilet, floor. 
    • Cleaning vanity/counter: Use appropriate cloths and cleaners. Lets cleaners sit for recommended time. Use new cloth for each part of bathroom. Does not reuse cloths. Focuses on removing hair. Sprays appropriate cleaner on entire counter, including corners. Lets sit for recommended time before wiping dry. Starts at one end and moves to the other.  
    • Cleaning sink/faucet: Cleans caulk and grout with appropriate cleaner or wet sponge. Report any loose, cracked, missing, stained grout or caulk via Quore. Removes drain stopper, throws away hair and debris, spraying stopper with appropriate cleaner, and wiping dry. Opens stopper, runs water for 5 seconds, checking for standing water. If not draining, reports issue via Quore. Sprays appropriate cleaner on sink, lets sit for recommended time, and then wipes dry. Sprays all fixtures with appropriate cleaner and wipes dry. 
    • Cleaning mirror: Sprays appropriates cleaner on mirror, moving from top to bottom, and from one side to the other, then wiping dry. Inspects for remaining hair. 
    • Cleaning tub and shower: Focuses on removing hair. Sprays appropriate cleaner on entire tub/shower, in corners, where tub meets wall. Lets cleaner sit for recommended time, wipes dry, moving from top to bottom and then from one end to the other on each wall. Cleans caulk and grout with appropriate cleaner and wet sponge. Reports any loose, cracked, missing, or stained caulk or grout. Removes drain stopper if possible, throwing away hair and debris from stopper. Cleans tub stopper with appropriate cleaner and wipe dry. Open stopper and run water for 5 seconds. If water stands, notifies maintenance via Quore. Sprays all fixtures with appropriate cleaner, lets sit, then wipes dry. Checks shower curtain on all sides. Replaces if ripped, torn, hem is loose, or stained. Inspects carefully for hair and throws away. 
    • Cleaning toilet: Squirts appropriate toilet bowl cleaner around inside of bowl and lets sit for the recommended time. Sprays appropriate cleaner on seat, lets sit recommended time, wiping clean with cloth. Lifts lid and seat, sprays appropriate cleaner, lets sit for recommended time, and wipes clean. Scrubs toilet bowl using toilet bowl brush, then flushes. Lowers seat and lid, sprays appropriate cleaner, lets sit recommended time, wipes clean. Sprays appropriate cleaner on base and tank of toilet, including handle, lets sit for recommended time, and wipes clean. Reports any missing, cracked, loose, or stained caulk or grout or any mold or mildew using Quore. 
    • Replaces towels, checking for any ripped, frayed, thin, torn, or stained terry. Any such item is placed in Special Treatment bag. 
    • 1 bed: 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 washcloths, 1 bathmat.
    • 2 beds: 4 bath towels, 4 hand towels, 4 washcloths, 1 bathmat
    • Be sure ends of all hanging towels are even and folded towels look the same. 
    • Replenish guest amenities: Replaces toilet paper if more than half used. Folds end corners under to make a point. Replace tissue if it has reached the warning color. Pushes center of two tissues into box opening, fan out tops. 
    • Provides new amenities and arrange them properly. 
    • Cleaning bathroom floor: Focuses on removing hair. Sprays appropriate cleaner on part of floor farthest from door. Lets cleaner sit for recommended time and wipes dry. Cleans way across floor until reaching door. Report any missing, loose, cracked or stained grout via Quore. Spray air freshener. Inspects one last time for hair, disposing of it on cart. 
    • Inspecting and Vacuuming Guest Room: Check carefully for hair or debris. Ensures bedding is smooth, drapes/AC set to standard, towels folded. Wipes and cleans between connecting doors. Makes sure all amenities and materials are in place according to brand standards. Sweeps hard to reach areas with broom. Vacuums carpet , starting from farthest corner from door, using front to back motion, overlapping halfway each time, and leaving no footprints. Vacuums alongside bed and under movable furniture. Spot cleans small stains. Checks for burns, rip, tears, major stains and reports via Quore. Inspects carefully for hair. Replaces vacuum bag if more than half full. Sprays air freshener. Reports any disagreeable order via Quore.
    • Washes dishes, utensils, glasses, and any other kitchen equipment when a kitchen or wet bar is present, all according to the property procedures.
    • Uses Quore app to document room cleaning status as room is started and as room is finished. 
    • Cleans and organizes laundry room and storage closets at the end of each shift. 
    • Secures all storage closets, laundry doors, and laundry chutes at all times.
    • Reports room discrepancies, e.g. a room that is dirty that shows it was unoccupied.
    • Identifies leads for sales by surfacing information on guests’ companies and reasons to visit and communicate them to Sales using the specified method. 
    • Takes personal responsibility to rectify guest complaints to their satisfaction. Listen actively to the guest’s complaint or concern, tell them what you are going to do, and then follow through, entering the issue in Quore and taking personal responsibility to ensure the guest is satisfied with the outcome. Never let a guest leave unhappy. 
    • Loads washers and dryers, folds sheets and towels in the laundry room as needed.
    • Performs deep cleaning assignments utilizing the appropriate Quore checklist. 
    • Identifies leads for sales by surfacing information on guests’ companies and reasons to visit and communicate them to Sales using the specified method. 
    • Be familiar with all Brand Standards for Hilton Garden Inn Rooms. 
    • Maintains regular attendance in compliance with the hotel’s standards, as required by scheduling which will vary according to the needs of the hotel.
    • Wears appropriate brand required uniform and name tag during all scheduled shifts.
    • Performs all other duties assigned from time to time.

    Required Skills/Abilities

    • Detail oriented and thorough.
    • Ability to perform basic communication skills

    Education and Experience

  • Education sufficient to read, write, and speak as needed for the job.
  • Physical Requirements

    • Prolonged periods standing and walking, and frequently pulling, pushing, and bending.
    • Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds at a time.

    Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change, or new ones may be assigned at any time with or without notice.

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